With Lantern Home Group, you'll be confident that you sold your home for all it's worth.

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20+ Years Combined Experience

Quadruple the volume of most Realtors

Efficient Systems that make it look easy

Our experience allows us to get the most for our clients

Inexperienced agents

  • Make big promises, but underdeliver
  • 7-10 home sales/year
  • Inefficient, time-wasting process
  • Underspends on marketing budget
  • Average or lower price of home sale
  • Leave costly gaps in contracts

Lantern Home Group

  • Always tells the truth with your best interest in mind
  • 50+ home sales/year
  • Efficient, time-tested process
  • Invests in valuable marketing efforts
  • 90% of homes sell for more than asking price
  • Craft detailed contract with best possible terms

What proud sellers have to say

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1. Talk with Our Team

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2. Let Us Do What We Do Best

We'll do the heavy lifting while you focus on your move.

3. Celebrate at Closing

Be proud you got the most from your home.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Colorado Home

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