Satisfied Seller

We first met Mr. Bruno about five years ago. We had been contacted by him after an unsuccessful attempt to sell our then current home. Mr. Bruno was essentially interviewed over a period of several months, as we were unsure about the market conditions and another sales attempt. Mr. Bruno was very  patient and responsive to our needs and questions. As previously stated we spent several months making a decision about re-listing. We made the decision to list our home with Mr. Bruno and take another attempt at the sale of our home. We felt confident enough in Mr. Bruno’s abilities that we entered into a contract to build a new home also at that time. Dan Bruno also represented us through the process of purchasing our new home from the builder. Mr. Bruno had our home listed for twenty five days before we went under contract. He kept us advised every step of the way. We had no surprises during the entire process. We were able to speak with Mr. Bruno both in person and by phone, during and after normal business hours to answer questions and be updated as to the current status. Simply put the second attempt was everything the first attempt was not. If you are thinking of selling your home, we highly recommend speaking with Mr. Bruno.”

— Satisfied Seller